Season 1, Episode 9: Why You So Obsessed With Me?

Alana and Shay delve into what celebs could be doing better after discussing their snacks, drinks, and how Alana assists Shay in life. Moving on to their main dish, Shaylana talks all things stalkers, sharing cray cray stories from their past and present. Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, hide ya self cause there be people nibbing out here!


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Key Points:

  • 00:35 Shay makes fun of Alana’s voice

  • 00:50 Alana makes Shay explain what’s so dark

  • 03:00 What are Shay and Alana drinking?

  • 03:35 Date to Dickey’s

  • 05:45 Why didn’t Shay have time to make another cocktail?

  • 06:25 Time for the Snack Pack!

  • 06:55 Alana sings for you

  • 08:54 Shay gets really excited about an idea

  • 09:08 Alana is still salty about this

  • 09:35 How does Shay use Alana?

  • 11:30 What happens when the Henny’s in her system?

  • 12:40 What meme did Shay find that explains her relationship with Alana to a T?

  • 13:30 Shay is good with words, but not with emotions.

  • 14:20 How do you scare a man away?

  • 14:40 Should Shay have a theme song for Pop Corn?

  • 15:25 Does Shay have on pants?

  • 15:50 Alana is admiring Shay’s long legs

  • 16:20 Drinking game!

  • 17:15 Alana leads the pop culture this week!

  • 18:40 How is Alana gonna replace Shay?

  • 22:00 What did Alana see that she hasn’t seen in a long time?

  • 22:20 Shay tells you the best way to be distracted

  • 23:25 Jason Derulo (read: in Jason Derulo’s voice) NSFW

  • 28:46 What do you do with your nudes?

  • 31:15 Shaylana slides into the Main Dish: Stalkers

  • 31:45 Alana delves into her scariest stalker story

  • 36:45 Shay talks about the man that just got out of jail

  • 42:30 Interruption- We going to Wild N Out y’all!

  • 44:15 Alana goes into her second stalker story

  • 52:00 Shay was NIBbed hard! Bruh, why you so obsessed with me?

  • 01:21:50 Alana gives advice on how to deal with people who get a lil crazy

  • 01:22:45 Takeaways

  • 01:25:40 Question of the week

  • 01:26:37 Join the Snack Pack on Facebook!

  • 01:27:15 Shaylana close out the show

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