Season 1, Episode 8: Pardon Our Dickterruption

Shay and Alana get into the holiday spirit by pretending to be real adults and discussing their Christmas lists. While you're deciding if you know who's voice is who's, join them as they also roll their eyes at one of Shay's annoying men, get real about what's in their cups, and learn how you can become a part of the newly formed Snack Pack! The Snacks also chronicle a super fun night that you can catch in their story highlights at 


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Key Points:

  • 00:55 Do podcast hosts begin to sound alike?

  • 3:30 The best way to tell us apart is...

  • 5:15 What are we drinking?

  • 5:40 Important Things First: Are we gonna have dinner?!

  • 7:13 We've met our quota of friends for the week.

  • 8:47 Handle our packages with care.

  • 10:48 Send us your cocktail recipes!

  • 13:12 We've named our segments now!!

  • 14:10 Come through Snack Pack!

  • 15:00 Giveaway in the new FB group when we hit 50:

  • 17:00 An invitation to Vegas?

  • 19:10 Shay has new covers for Sin In Suburbia.

  • 20:17 New Segment: Manwich!

  • 25:30 About last night y'all... TIME TO POP THE POPCORN!

  • 28:00 We were invited to a 30 Under 30 mixer!


  • 36:42 2 podcasts you should listen to

  • 37:18 How you can see us in 2020

  • 39:29 Why are we called Whole Snacks?

  • 41:47 Alana's new favorite show is here!

  • 42:35 SPOILER ALERT: The Masked Singer


  • 56:06 THE MAIN DISH: All we want for Christmas!

  • 56:55 Shay's Favorite Item: Death & Co

  • 58:37 Alana's Favorite Item: robot vacuum

  • 62:43 A sipnopsis of Shay's list

  • 73:33 Alana's so excited about her list

  • 88:26 Listen for the Question of the Week and email us to be featured in the Snack Pack!

Related Material:

Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: What's on your favorite item on your Christmas list this year? Or, if you don't celebrate, what's your favorite holiday activity?

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