Season 1, Episode 7: He real is. She real was.

Shay and Alana discuss what's happened on the latest episode of The Masked Singer, what they're sipping on, and age differences in dating. Doing so, they talk about the rumors of who they've dubbed Draylie, cougaring, and snagging a zaddy. Join in as they laugh about pop culture, hypotheticals, and of course, Shay's real life dating stories.


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Key Points:

  • 00:55 What did Shay do that made Alana laugh and get angry?

  • 01:30 Who is Christmas pop?

  • 02:30 Did Shay get kicked out of her fam?

  • 05:15 Shay plugs someone personal

  • 05:40 Shaylana start discussing some of their fave podcasts to binge

  • 10:30 Alana wants to pull something out

  • 13:13 Thank you, next

  • 13:20 What are we drinking?

  • 16:15 Pop Culture!

  • 23:50 Pop Culture continues with a discussion on age differences

  • 24:15 Who is Draylie?

  • 25:35 Drip Drop, Drip Drippity Drop

  • 28:14 Who is Goldie?

  • 31:30 Shaylana briefly discuss some of their Thanksgiving festivities

  • 32:39 He real is

  • 33:15 Shaylana dive into the main dish of this episode

  • 34:34 Why isn’t Shay tryna get her hopes up?

  • 49:45 What group of people does Alana not “click” with?

  • 01:02:00 Shay has a stalker

  • 01:12:10 The question of the week is here. Comment your answer on our Instagram!

  • 01:12:42 What is a male cougar?

  • 01:15:15 Shaylana close out the show. We love talking to y'all so send us your stories!

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: What are your thoughts on age differences? Are you into being a cougar or a cub?

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