Season 1, Episode 6: Pass the Turducken!

In this Thanksgiving themed episode, Shay and Alana talk about their family traditions, or lack thereof in some cases, while drinking a festive martini and salivating over what foods really get them going. Shay, of course, chronicles a new (ahem, older) man in her life and Alana drops a bomb about her holiday movie trivia knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Key Points:

  • 00:40 Shay makes Alana her Thanksgiving drink guinea pig.

  • 02:44 Have you ever had a real, legit martini?

  • 03:37 Do they put blue cheese olives in bloody Mary's?

  • 04:23 Tomato soup and grilled cheese are the best meal ever. Don't question us!

  • 05:18 Our first Ask the Snacks entry! Send in yours to be read on the show!

  • 08:30 Shay is slacking on The Masked Singer.... again!

  • 09:10 Alana and Shay went to a fun Christmas market over the weekend.

  • 11:05 Beware of our fancy drink this week..

  • 11:42 We're here for the holiday specials on Netflix.

  • 13:15 Sexual innuendo starts now...

  • 14:00 Shay is out here being a whole cougar and a cub in one.

  • 14:38 Shay chronicles her recent dating excursions.

  • 16:45 What do you call a male cougar?

  • 18:44 Alana's creepy old man voice comes out.

  • 18:50 Shay calls Alana out!

  • 20:00 Do you love rose' as much as Alana?

  • 21:38 Shay hid her second drink from y'all!

  • 23:00 Who packs a mimosa for the road?

  • 23:18 What do you call the thing you put soup in? Tweet us the answer!

  • 25:14 Shay is classy... she means classic girl...

  • 26:30 Let's talk about Thanksgiving traditions!

  • 29:35 Alana is the golden child in the family.

  • 33:18 Liquid dessert is a thing, if ya didn't know.

  • 34:00 Alana has an amazing idea for Shay's festive Thanksgiving drink!

  • 37:30 Hummingbird cake is kind of like carrot cake but with pineapple.

  • 40:00 Jeffrey makes an appearance here! Tweet us if you loved Jeffrey!

  • 41:25 Alana tells her holiday secret..

  • 44:47 The nipple of Alana's drink is spicy!

  • 45:28 Shay has a food-gasm in 3-2-1...

  • 47:18 What kind of girl is Shay?!

  • 48:30 If he's 40, you can no longer call him a "boy".

  • 51:10 Shay has soooo many hoes.

  • 54:00 Why can't all bartenders make our drinks super strong?

  • 56:00 What does Shay do on Thanksgiving?

  • 57:55 Raise your hand if you love cranberry sauce?

  • 01:01:30 What does Shay refer to her family as?

  • 01:05:00 What's the difference between dressing and stuffing?

  • 01:05:53 Are y'all planning on seeing the new Cats movie?

  • 01:08:00 Is Shay's house haunted?

  • 01:11:25 Ice cream trucks have really come up these days!

  • 01:12:25 Shay gets confused with her own words again.

  • 01:17:36 A new surprise for y'all in 2020!

  • 01:19:10 The question of the week is here. Comment your answer on our Instagram!

  • 01:21:45 We love talking to y'all so send us your stories!

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

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