Season 1, Episode 5: Bish, Who Do Ya Love?

This week on Whole Snacks Podcast, Shay (@shay_all_day_) and Alana (@solelyliving) discuss how finding those loves of your lives who you don't sleep with can be just as hard as dating. This is part 2 of 2 on the topic of friendships while adulting. We discuss the topic of making friends in your twenties while of course getting sidetracked with dates discussions, laughter, and that person who scared the shit out of us at an event this weekend!


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Key Points:

  • 00:33 Shay tries to intro the show in a new way

  • 01:25 Shaylana discuss what drinks they are sippin on

  • 02:30 Shay has a new artistic cup

  • 04:00 What is Alana eating from Kelz Kitchen (located in College Park, Georgia)

  • 05:15 Listener comment

  • 06:19 Does Shay actually have a date?

  • 06:30 What happened to all of the ho’s?

  • 11:45 What bad habit does Shay have when she’s had a little too many?

  • 12:35 Shay’s bad habit brought her good fortune

  • 13:30 Is it a date?

  • 15:30 Shaylana talk hotels

  • 17:20 It’s a new holiday tradition!

  • 17:40 What is Shay doing this year that is just like The Kardashians

  • 17:55 Pop culture segment!

  • 18:05 Rise and Shine

  • 19:55 Is it okay to wear sweats on a first date if you already know the person?

  • 24:05 Who’s show is Shay forcing Alana to go to?

  • 26:00 Alana shares how using Shay as a pawn in her evil plan will work

  • 26:28 Shay tries to segway and it totally goes over Alana’s head

  • 26:50 Why are we both doing a jig?

  • 27:28 What is Alana obsessed with?

  • 28:11 Shaylana saw something at Ponce City Market that scared the shit out of them!

  • 30:41 Shay tries the segway again. Did it work?

  • 31:58 Who do we love?

  • 32:50 How long has Shay been blocked?

  • 33:11 It’s story time!

  • 34:58 Alana breaks out into song . . . again

  • 36:25 Shaylana discuss the Atlanta Girl Gang (@atlgirlgang) and what fun they have

  • 39:55 What the heck is Chomp On?

  • 41:05 Tyrone stops by for a quick sec

  • 41:20 Shaylana discuss Millennials of Atlanta group

  • 42:00 Two more ladies for you to follow: @lyriclewin @ktram93 (ladies of Dean’s List)

  • 42:30 Prices for networking groups in Atlanta

  • 43:30 Shay met @5ksandbuffets this weekend

  • 44:00 Should Shay change her handle? Again?

  • 44:30 Shaylana discuss what GIF to send

  • 45:50 What foodie pictures are Alana’s fave?

  • 46:40 Alana mentions another networking/friend-making group: Atlanta Rising Women

  • 51:20 Fitness groups

  • 51:40 Which Whole Snack needs to take a whole shower?

  • 52:10 Georgia versus Auburn update

  • 52:30 Meetup App

  • 54:15 Dog park

  • 57:00 Bumble Friends

  • 1:02:00 Shaylana wrap up the episode

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