Season 1, Episode 4: Why Can't We Be Friends?

This week on Whole Snacks Podcast, Shay (@shay_all_day_) and Alana (@solelyliving) tell all their secrets, put on more weird voices, and bond over creepy man stories. This is part 1 of 2 on the topic of friends. We discuss a couple times we've both lost friends as adults, how it made us feel, and what could have been done better in each situation. Sometimes friendships just run their course and we want you to know that's perfectly fine.


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Key Points:

  • 00:18 Alana sings you a song.

  • 00:43 Shay is still salty about book club not working out.

  • 01:00 Alana and Shay agree to agree.

  • 01:50 This is what Alana drank!

  • 02:38 Our random tip of the week.

  • 03:05 This is what Shay drank!

  • 04:31 Shay gets confused once again. LOL

  • 05:14 Shay gets bougie about making liquor.

  • 06:00 Alana tells Shay's dark, not-so-secret secret.

  • 07:00 Drinking game starts now!

  • 07:45 Listen to this guy's lame pick up line!

  • 08:36 Alana and Shay put on their "Big Mouth" voices again.

  • 09:00 What some more Daddy Shark?

  • 10:06 Shay is still trying to get with Moe from the Bert Show!

  • 10:38 Bunny Boy pops up again because we love him.

  • 11:33 Shay gets inducted into a cult.

  • 12:40 Shay and Alana get confused about childhood board games.

  • 13:37 Back to the story!

  • 15:44 We get interrupted by Shay's phone.

  • 16:11 Back to the story AGAIN!

  • 19:36 Shay and Alana forget all of Shay's hoes.

  • 21:06 Alana tells a story about a drunk guy.

  • 25:00 Learn Shay and Alana's couple name!

  • 25:20 Shay has a sweater for her vodka.

  • 25:40 Random Barbie doll talk.

  • 26:30 Shay knows about a lot of weird games.

  • 27:53 We get into the infamous Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods debate.

  • 36:12 We got a really weird DM one time.

  • 37:11 Let's get into the topic of losing friends.

  • 37:59 Who doesn't Alana follow on Instagram?

  • 39:00 So many Insta filters, so little time!

  • 39:59 We profess our love for Black people with freckles.

  • 40:26 Who does Shay follow on Instagram?

  • 41:08 Moe gets brought back up again. OF COURSE.

  • 41:51 Back to the topic of losing our friends with the same name.

  • 42:43 Shay almost got into a fight in middle school.

  • 43:40 Why Alana isn't talking to one of her oldest friends.

  • 48:45 How Shay recently lost 2 close friends.

  • 53:46 Ways to fix a fight between friends.

  • 56:36 More Moe more problems!

  • 57:53 Don't call Alana "Queen", please.

  • 58:18 Back to the sad, somber topic of losing friends.

  • 60:48 We compare our drama to Madea movies.

  • 01:01:42 Shay drops a bomb on all of us!

  • 01:02:47 Feather Gate is addressed real quick.

  • 01:03:05 Our closing notes on losing friends and working with friends.

  • 01:03:59 Shaylana discuss their one week long trip and bickering with friends you live with.

  • 01:05:28 Best practice of mending a friendship after a fight.

  • 01:06:40 Shay and Alana get personal and deep here.

  • 01:08:53 Listen up for part 2 of friendships!

  • 01:09:45 Send in any stories you have about losing friends. We'd love to help others get past their loss.

  • 01:10:50 Please rate, review, and subscribe wherever you can!

  • 01:11:03 Question of the week is here!

  • 01:11:13 Middle school and college freshman friendships don't last.

  • 01:11:40 Shaylana reminisce on their orchestra years.

  • 01:14:04 Shay gets confused once again but we get back on track.

  • 01:14:10 Send us some drink and snack suggestions for future episodes!

  • 01:14:45 Shay might go back on her 30 day challenge.

  • 01:15:00 Timberlake will have to wait until next week!

  • 01:15:56 Shaylana don't know how to stop talking.

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: Have you ever lost a friend as an adult?

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