Season 1, Episode 3: This is Halloween

This week on Whole Snacks Podcast, Shay (@shay_all_day_) and Alana (@solelyliving) discuss all things Halloween. From their favorite celebrity costumes, to Shay losing her tail, and Alana obsessing over candy corn, The Snacks had a hell of a holiday. Of course, they get side tracked, laugh uncontrollably, talk in crazy accents, and even come up with a drinking game for you. Hope you're ready for this spooky episode of Whole Snacks!


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Key Points:

  • 00:29 Shay dabbles in opera

  • 00:45 Shay describes the Halloween costume she’s currently wearing

  • 01:13 Alana describes the costume she was going to wear to book club

  • 03:05 Shay explains why she’s so pissed and what she did to calm down

  • 05:30 Alana and Shay tell you what they’re sippin’ on

  • 07:10 The Whole Snacks are eating snacks! What are they?

  • 07:48 Is it a shaker or a glass?

  • 08:05 Why is Shay gonna break out in hives?

  • 08:57 Alana uses her fancy accent

  • 12:20 Shaylana got a scary Halloween story in their DMs to share

  • 16:35 What did Shaylana do at their launch party with all the mens in Shay’s life?

  • 18:57 Alana comes up with a good idea for a drinking game

  • 22:30 Pop Culture! Which celebrities wore our favorite costumes?

  • 42:25 Where the hell is our current fave show?

  • 45:05 Shay and Alana describe the hocus pocus they endured while attending a movie screening of Hocus Pocus

  • 58:40 Alana tells us the real reason behind our name

  • 59:45 Shay dated her Uber driver?

  • 01:03:00 Our waiter at this winery fucked up. Big time.

  • 01:05:10 Shaylana is gonna force @jessicarebaza to do a throuple costume next year

  • 01:06:48 Almost Roaring 20s event

  • 01:11:20 Midtown Bar Crawl part deux

  • 01:16:50 What Shay and Alana did on actual Halloween day

  • 01:22:15 What Halloween treat did Shay get?

  • 01:24:20 Tag us in your Halloween photos

  • 01:24:28 Question of the week

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: What's your fave Halloween candy?

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