Season 1, Episode 12: I Wanna Tap That App

It's our first episode of the year (and DECADE, wow) so of course we came hard with our favorite topic: dating in our 20s for 2020! What can we expect? Did the IG filter let us down? Are apps still the move? Shaylana discuss it all plus obsess over the new shows that have them BUZZING. 2020 is our year. Lol, Hopefully.


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Key Points:

  • 00:15 What are we testing while we record?

  • 00:52 Shay doesn't know who she is..

  • 01:42 How were both of our New Year's Eves?

  • 03:00 Shay sounds like a damn man when she's sick!

  • 05:00 What are we drinking today?

  • 07:00 So who's trying to be a vegan?

  • 09:44 Did Alana ditch Shay for New Year's Eve?

  • 11:10 Meeting randos on NYE is okay sometimes.

  • 18:07 Did we get anything off our Christmas lists?

  • 26:49 Shows we're looking forward to recapping!

  • 32:00 Our first opinions of the new season of Married at First Sight.

  • 46:05 Alana's new favorite show: The Circle!

  • 01:09:34 Main Dish: Dating Predictions in 2020

  • 01:10:00 Shay's been lying to Alana for a whole week.

  • 01:10:18 What's Shay addicted to??

  • 01:12:49 Shay has a new..."catfish"??

  • 01:14:46 Our thoughts on all the apps out there..

  • 01:17:20 Instagram lies..

  • 01:31:00 Alana's dating tips for Shay and everyone else.

  • 01:39:00 Our takeaways from today's episode and the Question of the Week

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: Chicken fingers or chicken nuggets?

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