Season 1, Episode 10: Tis the Season to Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas Eve, gals and guys! Gather 'round the fire while Shay and Alana tell stories of their childhood Christmas traditions. They may have finally learned Santa isn't real but that didn't take the Ho out of their holiday cheer! HOpefully this episode feels like a present you want to unwrap over and over again.


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Key Points:

  • 01:22 Is it always this hard to tell podcast hosts voices apart?

  • 02:40 Tell us if you like true crime! We might do a whole episode.

  • 04:18 We're talking about our cocktails this week!

  • 5:00 Shay still believes in Santa.

  • 06:30 Back to the drinks, please!

  • 08:12 Christmas Scrooge has arrived!

  • 09:27 Have you joined the Snack Pack yet?

  • 11:15 We were festive AF this holiday season.

  • 18:17 Shay got secrets!

  • 21:30 Time to Pop This Popcorn! Bring on Shay's unnecessary tears!

  • 23:00 Moe is off the market and Shay can't take it.

  • 24:40 Travis and Kylie are a topic again *eye roll*

  • 27:00 We have special guests coming in the new year!

  • 28:45 SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER: The Masked Singer

  • 29:55 Alana ignored Shay?!

  • 33:25 Does a Christmas tree scene make it a Christmas movie?

  • 42:54 What is Shay's view on men?

  • 47:00 New shows we'll be debriefing in the new year..

  • 48:26 More stalker episodes in 2020?

  • 51:55 A new man story from Shay!

  • 55:05 Let's get into this Main Dish: Christmas Traditions

  • 57:00 Alana's Christmas traditions

  • 61:40 What's Shay's hopeful gift?

  • 65:40 Alana's mom doesn't drink, so they have fake wine for Christmas dinner.

  • 71:00 Shay's Christmas traditions

  • 75:49 Shay's annual Christmas Eve party

  • 84:50 Shay punches herself in the mouth..

  • 85:00 Question of the week is here!

  • 85:58 Merry Christmas, Snack Pack!

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Question of the Week:

  • Answer this question on our latest Instagram post: Tell us your favorite holiday tradition! Maybe we'll use your suggestions next year!

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